New Release

IMG_1801.JPG Back Page Comics is proud to present the crossover of the year!  A new 40 page adventure starring The Electrifying Lightning and Lightning Woman.

5 years in the future, Rob Chance still defends the city of Cincinnati as the Electrifying Lightning Man against catalyst monsters and supervillains.  It’s also 5 years since Jen has given birth, since Rob and Desiree started dating.  It has also been 5 years of Lightning Man facing these dangers alone.

In the city of Fairfield, Christina McBride – A.K.A. Lightning Woman – has had her fair share of villains, monsters and relationship troubles to compete with Lightning Man.

On a fateful trip to Cincinnati, the two cross paths both personally and professionally to take down two arch rivals – The Gremlin King and Sovereign.

As the two wreak havoc on the city of Cincinnati, Lightning Man and Lightning Woman must join forces to defeat them before the city is turned to ruins.

Written by Electrifying Lightning Man creator David Amorando and illustrated renowned artist Felle Jones, this story  plans to shake up the Back Page Comics universe for ever!

Look for it at the end of May through our Back Page Comics Presents imprint.

Star Beam 

Test page for Star Beam.


It almost time for our first ever WEEKLY podcast about all things interesting to me.  Talking Lightning Man and superheroes and all that.  And tackling some other things.  May be rant.  Hopefully not too much of that.

She’s Arrived!

In case you’ve been living under of a rock for the past week, Lightning Woman has arrived. First issue has premier. Click the picture to get to the webcomic.   The story follows the adventures of Christina McBride as she battles evil and determines to make the world safe using her amazing super abilities. Bookmark comment and share!


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